Aura of Sleepless Dreams has been showered with numerous awards by fellow bloggers time and again. Also thanks to BlogAdda a number of my posts have been selected as Tangy Tuesday and Spicy Saturday picks.
The following is a compilation of sorts :-

Thank you INDImag for including The Last Temptation in your top 5 for the month of February.

The Last Temptation, Goodbye, rain-drenched night and Newsworthy? have been given Tangy Tuesday pick recognitions by BlogAdda.

The good and the bad of it , The Never-Ending Story , The other side of the coin , An open letter to Sheila Dikshit and From the diary of a chronic shopper have all become Spicy Saturday picks. Thank you again, BlogAdda.

That woman in my life was the winner of Blogadda's Mother's Day contest.
My review of The Philadelphia Story made it as a Blogjunta Editor's pick.

More to come. So keep checking this page! ;-)

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