Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a few words

I don't know why sleep has been so completely eluding me for the past few days.And yesterday night was no different.So instead of lying on my bed and fidgeting with my pillow I decided to try my hand at 55 word fiction.You've heard about it right?-Duh it's a piece of fiction within 55 words.To know more click here.
So here are my first attempts at creating something meaningful out of 55 words.See if you like these.Comments will be appreciated.

Despair and Hope

She stood motionless in the rain,just like a wax-sculpture.The rain-drops had seeped through every inch of her clothing but she could only feel her hot tears.
Just as she were about to fall apart a warm hand curled around hers and she heard a familiar,soothing voice whisper,'It's gonna be okay.'

That Girl

We always played together in the sunny afternoons-me and her.She had the most wonderful smile ever but people only noticed her scarred face.
Years passed by and it was my wedding day.
Bidding her goodbye I said,'Soon you'll be gone too.'
She just smiled and replied,'Nobody marries an ugly girl.'

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fact or Fiction

Gosh what's wrong with the media these days?Why are they so hell-bent on bending the obvious truth that's dancing naked in front of everybody's eyes?No seriously what do they think?That all our brains are filled with dung or something?
I mean,come on,haven't all of us gotten enough proof already that Shiney Ahuja is a freakin' rapist?
It's the newspapers and the news channels that brought to us this shocking piece of news in the first place that this 18 year-old(or was it 19?) girl had filed a complaint with the police saying she has been raped by the actor.Next we get to hear that he has been arrested and that preliminary forensic investigation has revealed that the girl has indeed been assaulted physically.The actor had even broken down completely during investigation confessing rape.So there I thought.The police had got ample proof,case has been filed,the rapist bastard is in prison.Now all that people needed to do was hold a trial,convict the accused and hand him some form of capital punishment.End of story huh?
Guess not.'Cause apparently the newspaper people are still having some trouble coping with this truth.And why?Ah 'cause of course he is such a hot and good-looking actor.And he had to resort to rape?I mean, is this for real?Any girl would wanna sleep with him wouldn't she?How come his stupid maid dared to deny the pleasure of er servicing him?This HAS got to be a false case.The guy's totally loaded with cash and maybe this is just a conspiracy to either ruin his image or get him to cough up some money to save it.This HAS to be the obvious explanation.
A reporter of a popular daily who does special articles on Mondays(I happen to be a huge fan of her column...not anymore I guess) even went as far enough to declare that she felt sorry for Ahuja.Sorry for him and not the poor girl who had to go through this traumatic experience.People are probably expecting the girl to be thankful or something that she had been raped by a Bollywood actor.Wow totally cool huh?
Even though the proof and everything is shouting rape in everybody's face the reporters are apparently trying to act blind to everything and desperately trying to find another version of the whole incident.Yeah,that's just how idealistic journalism gets in our country.Ignore the truth and make up some other version of the story that is more likely to sell or fit as acceptable to the readers.
And jeez what's wrong with his wife?Even after all this she is saying 'Family stays by his side.' and how he is such a 'man of character' to anybody who'd care to listen.
The guy not only blatantly cheated on her but committed such a heinous crime.And she still is going with the whole see-I-am-such-a-loyal-wife act.God I feel like throwing up.
Anyway whatever the case maybe it's painful to see how much people in our country are obsessed with Bollywood.These actors and actresses are considered the real icons even though all they do is earn millions by faking stuff.They are the heroes.They fall in love,dance around trees with their dreamgirls,kick some bad-guy-butt,make sacrifices for the greater good and what not.So naturally they can't do anything wrong now can they?And even if they do everybody go to great lengths to deny that fact.
After all it's better to be blind rather than see the disgusting truth.

P.S:Well about the Memoirs of a Most Miserable Time-Part 2,I just don't feel like recounting my horrible experience with the nurses anymore.So maybe I'll write about it some other time or maybe not.Trust me guys you aren't missing out on too much of the good stuff.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Memoirs of a Most Miserable Time-Part 1

It feels like an eternity has passed between today and the last time I made a post in here although it has only been 3 weeks. But so much has happened in this short duration that I feel like I made the last post in a previous life.
I won't say I've been through hell. But the past few weeks have been very difficult indeed. My first major illness, my first trip to a nursing home(which was a hellish experience btw) and my first brush with a kind of pain of a measure that I have never endured before.
Okay don't panic. I don't have cancer or tumor for God's sake. I merely have a number of microscopic grain-like 'calculi' in both my kidneys and trust me these little pieces of crap have succeeded in giving me a reasonable amount of anxiety and pain over the past few weeks. Anyway I'm coming to that later.
It was so easy for him. That selfish, money-making machine of a doc told mum at the clinic 'I'm suspecting kidney stones.' in a tone as if he were saying 'I think it might rain today.'
God I was so scared then.I was like-
What?...stones? hospital? surgery? blood? skipping my semester exams?
Predictably enough mum's reaction was worse. She was wearing an expression on her face that told me she was ready to throw away all her self-control into the air and break down completely. And for that moment only I seemed to be completely oblivious to the pain in my lower abdomen.
If only all kinds of sickness and these insensitive doctors would vanish from the face of the earth. If only I could tell her 'I'm fine' with a convincing expression on my face.
Stupid me. Why did I have to get so sick?
It was not until later that I realized I should be thankful for having stones in my kidney...not an infected appendix. Yea the doctor said I could even have appendicitis in which case I would've had to undergo surgery rightaway.
But anyway I was so weak from the repeated bouts of pain and the vomiting that getting myself admitted to a nursing-home was the only option available. And so there I was-sitting on a couch clutching my abdomen while my mum and (buddy)Adrija were filling all kinds of stupid nursing-home forms so that I could spend the night in a crappy cabin.
Ah but atleast it had an ac.(although it made a horribly loud noise when switched on) That was the ONLY good thing about the cabin. Oh and thankfully enough it had a door with a lock which was in a working condition.(I needed my privacy) I ain't gonna mention the name of the nursing-home I was admitted in. 'Cause a 'hotshot' surgeon (he also happened to be my doctor) built it in the first place. And it's supposed to have a 'good' reputation.
So now let me tell you about my first encounter with the pathetic state of health affairs in our state.(I hope you have some patience left to go through the rest of this post which is kinda getting longer and longer. Oh hell read if you want to.)
When I was first transferred to my cabin Adrija was sharp enough to notice that the damned sheet on my bed was torn in more than one place. However when this was pointed out to an attending nurse she made a face and told her that they had changed the bedsheet just an hour earlier (as if this piece of information settled the matter). Now Adrija, who isn't a taker for such nonsense, promptly told her that since we were paying a fat lotta money as the bed rent the patient deserved something better than a torn piece of cloth to sleep on. (Thanks for everything're my rock!) So reluctantly Miss Nurse changes the sheet while constantly swearing under her breath.
After that mum (a tearful mum at that), Adrija and another family friend left. And I was left to my own devices and to the mercy of the nurses.
Ah the famous nurses! I could write an entire book on them actually now that I have had such a wonderful first-hand experience. But let's keep that story aside for a Memoirs of a Most Miserable Time-Part 2 which will follow soon enough.
For the time being I'm gonna go enjoy the rains outside.

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