Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was just watching The Devil Wears Prada for the 2nd time the other day...the Meryl Streep-Anne Hathaway starrer...based on the best-selling novel by Lauren Weisberger(remember people?).It was quite fascinating to watch Meryl Streep in her role of Miranda Priestly....the vicious,gorgon-like editor-in-chief of Runway,a fashion magazine.And even more interesting was watching Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs,her transformation from a plain Jane,aspiring journalist to a size-4,glamorous assistant to the devillish boss who'd do anything to keep her job-right from racing down a busy street to get the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript for Miranda's twins within the next hour to fetching a cup of cappuccino with exactly the right amount of sugar and milk(Well God save Andy if it doesn't taste 'good' to Miranda) for Miranda.It was quite funny and painful at the same time to observe the kinda lengths people can go to-to keep their jobs intact.But in the end it was victory for Andy when she quit her job to follow her dreams-when she made the difficult choice and actually realized what she wanted.Lucky her!
In the beginning Andy'd say how she didn't have a choice and that she desperately needed to keep this job cuz it was a good place to begin her journey from.How similar we feel-that we don't have a choice.So we have to go on doing what we ARE doing.We like that pathetic excuse too much.And then it suddenly hit me-the realization that there is an Andy in all of us-confused,troubled and clueless.We are confused cuz we donno what the right thing to do is.We are troubled cuz we are confused and always keep changing our minds.And we are clueless about what we really want-the thing that will make us happy.We just don't know.And that is why it's so hard to make a decision even if it is as trivial as whether we wanna bunk or attend a particular class in college.Our heart says"Aww what the heck man?...ditching one class won't hurt now will it?"and our brains say "Eeek how can I be so irresponsible?..I need to attend this damn lecture."......and somewhere in this tug-of-war between our heart n brain we lose ourselves and the ability to make the right decision.Sheesh how pitiful!How easily we complicate things!Why can't we just decide straightaway?...That okay "Today's class is not I can ditch"or "Nah this topic is important and it's not good to ditch so I WILL attend".Or why can't we tell ourselves "I wanna be a dancer...mugging up stuff from physics isn't my thing...dancing makes me happy so I'll do that"? or why some suffering soul stuck in a hopeless job can't tell himself-"My boss is a pathetic moron who takes credit for my work each I'll just give him good and quit tomorrow".Ya I know it will be highly impractical to actually do all this.But still if doing something gives you satisfaction and some peace of mind and doesn't make you feel ashamed of yourself at the end of the day-then I'd say that will be the right thing to do,the right choice to make.Not everyone are as fortunate and brave as Andy who finally worked up the guts to do what was right and not what was forced on her.Sigh....why is it so hard to make the correct choice?
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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh let the sun shine strong and bright-
Let it dispel all this darkness.
Oh let all the birds take flight
Let them be freed from their cages.
Let the winds blow along any direction
Let it ruffle up my hair-
Let me inhale deeply in satisfaction.
Just for once let me be unfair.

Let the rain come down in torrents.
And wash away these doubts-
Before I drown in my own regrets.
Let time weave its magic again-
And make me forget all the pain.
Help me snap out of this trance-
Help me move along.
Oh please give me another chance.
This time I won't be wrong.

Maybe there's no scope-
For my happy ending-
Maybe there never was any hope.
From the very beginning.
Maybe I am just what someone says I am-
Maybe I don't even have an inkling.
But still-I'll try to be good.
And I'll do what I should.
Atleast there's no harm in trying.

So let the sun shine strong and bright-
Let it dispel all this darkness.
Let all the birds take flight
Let them be freed from their cages.
Let the winds blow along any direction
Let it ruffle up my hair-
Let me inhale deeply in satisfaction.
Give me a piece of happiness-just my share.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Light

The clock kept ticking-
While I sat there all alone,listening-
Waiting for that one miracle.
That would change everything.

I heard the low rumble of the clouds,
That defeaning roar of thunder.
'The storm's approaching isn't it?'
I sat and contemplated.
'What more can I do?'I thought.

My room was dank and dark-
And my house feeble and small.
It might collapse in the storm-
It might also kill me in turn.
Yet I sat there like a waxwork-
Unable to move or budge.

Louder and louder the wind howled.
The rain had become heavier too.
'It won't take long now.'
I voiced my thoughts.
And then I heard a knock-
A gentle,little rap on my door.

I knew I had to get up then.
'Someone has come to take me.' I thought.
But when I opened my door-
I found you-
And I found light-
Flooding my darkened little room-
Dispelling the gloom.
As I gazed into those brilliant blue eyes,mesmerized-
You just smiled and said-
'It's time to come out.The storm's over.'

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