Monday, August 25, 2008

Caught in the 'NET'

Ah another coupla lazy days hectic week starts tomorrow.I won't get to sit in front of my pc so casually and think about things apart from matlabs,data structure classes and stuff for the rest of the week.That however doesn't mean I won't switch my pc on at all the whole week....I WILL surely do that....cuz I am a netizen(not net-addict,mind you!) after can I survive a week without viewing the so-familiar Yahoo homepage or opening Limewire to search for some music or just to chat with a friend?....Yes it's like surfing the net has become an integral part of my life-like the lives of millions of thousands of others across the globe...I COULD do without any net..but in that case the situation will be equivalent to a life without tv or radio..since you can survive without tv,radio or other forms of entertainment but you'll most certainly miss them like hell....(that's why I'd prefer to believe that I am NOT a net-addict).
College keeps me busy throughout the day.And I get about a total of 5 or 6 hours at home after I get back...and I am supposed to eat,freshen up,rest for a while,complete any pending lab assignments,then eat again and go to bed within this time interval...(tough life I got).If anyone else woulda been in my place I don't think the thought of switching on your pc would even cross his/her mind(unless you gotta do some 'work' on your pc).....but err I choose to be an exception....cuz I can't resist checking my scraps on Orkut even if it is for 15 mins...jeez what has the vile net done to me?...or is it my fault that the net has become such an important part of my survival?....maybe I should try watching some tv or listening to the radio or let's say playing ludo with gran.......ANYTHING else apart from Facebook,youtube,wikipedia or any such bloody site-surfing when I have nothing to do.....I wonder how many others are facing the same problem or,whatever you call it, like me...
Anyway there is one good thing about the net(not that there aren't any OTHER positive aspects though...there are lots)-atleast I get to post this blog..^_^
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Innocence Lost

Watching a news channel for more than 5 mins has become a test of your endurance these days...stories of loot,murder,rape,child abuse,human trafficking,bomb explosions continue to haunt us every minute.10 years back people might have found these headlines quite horrifying..but today it has become a part n parcel of our all this is supposed to happen and we have to accept it...however I still haven't been able to get accustomed to all this bullshit happening around me...I do remain unaffected...busy as I am with college and all the regular stuff a normal girl of my age does....still in the end it doesn't make a you can't keep yourself aloof from all that's happening around you.....the 'news' really reaches you one way or the other...just like in the evening mum casually told me about this 14 year-old killing off his friend's sister while handing out a cup of coffee....the boy badly wanted to get his hands on the girl's new i-pod(yes that's right a 10 year-old can be a proud owner of an iPod today..and this is NOT supposed to be shocking)...not only did he throw her off a roof of a building(dunno the details here) but also smashed her face with a rock so that her body wasn't identified what criminal masterminds...and only at 14....sigh....oh and this incident took place in some district in WB....not in some metropolitan city like Kolkata.
Shocking enough?
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